Great Benefits of Drinking Beer

Who would never love the bitter sweet taste of beer when paired with your favorite barbecue or burger with fries? Although alcohol has gained a bad reputation because some take it in inconsiderable amount, beer is believed to offer some health benefits like improving blood circulation, provide vitamins and minerals, improve kidney function, and manage hypertension. However, there are other benefits of drinking beer that are surprising to know.

1. Beer as an anticancer. Xanthohumol has been found out that it has capabilities of preventing cancer, especially prostate cancer in men. xanthohumol is derived from hops, which is a common ingredient in beer. It is seen that xanthohumol limits carcinogen from developing. Another research conducted on beer reflected that marinating meats with beer decreases the levels of carcinogen formed when the meat is cooked.
2. Moderate consumption of beer have been found out that it has positive effects in preventing the occurrence of alzheimer’s disease. It lowers the levels of neurotoxins that is thought to damage brain cells, which result to dementia.
3. Beer manages hypercholesterolemia by increasing the levels of good cholesterol and helps decrease the levels of bad cholesterol alternatively.
4. Since beer help improve blood circulation, it promotes sleep and relaxation. However, remember to drink moderately to avoid alcohol intoxication.
5. Beer also protects our body against chromosomal and cell damage brought about radiation exposure.
6. Beer has a unique effect of making our hair smooth and silky.
7. Beers are good for the late adults because of its positive effects to the bones, renal function and blood vessel elasticity.
8. Other than these health benefits of beer, beer also has its place in cooking. Beer are used as tenderizers and marinade.

although these benefits may promote a healthy living, it is still important to consume beer moderately. One or two bottles of light or ordinary beer per day will give the most benefit with the least side effects. However, make sure to consider other variables such as current condition, medications being taken and alcohol tolerance before drinking beer as part of your daily routine.