The Rise of Korean Restaurants in Cebu

With the influx of many Korean students in Cebu to study English, this also gave birth to a lot of Korean restaurants in the metro. There are already Korean restaurants in every corner so don’t be surprised that you’ll see one near you.

Soo is a small restaurant that one can find near IT Park in Lahug. It’s a restaurant that a lot of young Koreans and Filipinos alike hang out to eat and drink with friends. They serve drinks and set meals that are best for a group of friends. The owner and the cook of the restaurant are Koreans so you’re really assured of the authenticity.korean foods

Don Ga in Mabolo is also another restaurant that many people like. Unlike most Korean restaurants, they have the food cooked for you which assures you that your order is well-cooked and is consist. Their meat and vegetables are also fresh. The restaurant is also clean and has a good ambiance.

Miga Restaurant in Lahug is Korean restaurant that a number of local Cebuanos prefer. You can cook your own food the Korean way so you have to make sure that you know what you’re doing. This can be a fun thing to do with friends, but make sure you don’t overcook your food.

These are just some among the many Korean restaurants in Cebu. Just make sure that you ask for feedback and comments before going to the restaurant to prevent getting disappointed. Research the restaurant as well so you know what to expect.