Where to Eat in Cebu?

craving for foodCaught yourself hungry in the middle of the bustling city? Asking yourself where to eat next? Well, there’s always a good place to eat in Cebu to match your budget and your taste buds.

If you want to have an upscale meal at a high point in Cebu, then Café Marco at the Marco Polo Plaza is the place to be. They have lunch and dinner buffet where you can devour many different international cuisines lined up for you.

Siomai sa Tisa is what you need when you are having a very tight budget. Armed with only P100, you’ll already be full to the brim. You can purchase siomai for P6 and puso (hanging rice) for P2.50. There are also pancit canton and noodles available.

If you’re more of an adventurous type, then you should try out NL Café’s balbacua and pagi (stingray). Balbacua is a soup that originated in Cebu and is made of oxtail, beef skin and feet. NL Café is a small restaurant that has a lot of local patrons and they also serve other Filipino dishes.

When you are looking for places where to eat, you will never be at a loss when in Cebu. There are just so many restaurants and cafes that you can check out.