Top Filipino Rainy Day Comfort Foods

Summer is finally over and when the cold rainy season starts to shiver in our spine, we cannot help but indulge on some warm soups and dishes that will surely satisfy your cravings. Forget about parfait, ice cream, sorbet and all the other summer comfort foods because in here; we deliver to you some of the top foods for the cold season. In this food guide, we will bring to you some of the best Filipino comfort foods that are eaten during the cool season of the year.

1. sinigang

Sinigang is an authentic Filipino soup dish, which is seasoned with tamarind to give it its distinct sour taste. The basic ingredients of this dish are seafood and pork meat and other green vegetables. Filipinos love to eat sinigang when it’s hot and sour enough.

2. champorado

Champorado is an all-time favorite chocolate flavored rice porridge, which has a sweet and bitter flavor from “tablea” or cocoa. This rainy-day dish is best eaten in the afternoon as a snack, sitting down and watching the rain pour really reminds me of my childhood days. In addition, milk can be added in it to make it more creamy.

3. Goto is the counterpart of champorado. It is still made from a sticky rice porridge, but it has this mild salty flavor, similar to congee in chinese. Ideally served hot, this dish is often consumed before the main meal or during breakfast.

4. bulalo

Bulalo is another well-liked filipino beef soup that is consumed during the rainy season. This tenderized boiled beef with its marrow makes this dish very favoured among Filipinos. However, with its high-fat and cholesterol content, it is not recommended to be consumed every day.

5. fish tinula

Tinola is another native filipino dish that will surely make your tummy warm during the rainy season. This chicken or fish based dish is best for those individuals who already had high cholesterol. What makes this dish very delicious is the amount of vegetables added in it and cooked at a low to medium heat in order to fully extract the flavor of every ingredient.

6. Puto Sikwate

“Puto and sikwate” or also known as rice cake and native cocoa drink. The rice cake is made from ground rice with a mild sweet flavor and often placed over a banana leaf. On the other hand, sikwate is not an ordinary chocolate drink. It is made from “tablea” or cocoa seed, boiled over a hot flame. The hot, sweet and bitter flavor of both food makes it best for the rainy season.