Health Benefits of the Japanese Diet

Many Hollywood stars are already banking on more Japanese food into their diets lately. The Japanese diet has already reached the Western world. This has already become useful especially with losing weight. Aside from that this has also shown to help in preventing many diseases. This diet has also been featured in many magazines and websites. But what really are the healthy benefits of the Japanese cuisine.

  • Fish diet. The Japanese diet is rich in omega-3 because of fish which is a staple. Omega-3 is usually found in salmon and tuna which are the usual ingredients for maki and sashimi. Omega-3 helps in reducing one’s risk in heart disease and arthritis pain, and lower your blood pressure. It can also help in building your immune system.
  • More rice, please. The Japanese eat rice in every meal. Rice is a low-fat carbohydrate that really fills you up. The rice used in sushi is refined rice that still contains 8 percent of its protein. Brown rice, on the other hand, is unrefined rice that’s filled with nutrients and fiber.
  • Protein alternatives. There are other alternatives to protein aside from red meat. The Japanese diet rarely has red meat. They opt for either fish or tofu, which is low in saturated fat. This makes them healthier and less susceptible to heart disease and obesity. Tofu also helps in bringing down cholesterol.
  • Small portions. Food is usually served in small bowls and plates which is beneficial in the long run. When food is served in small portions, people tend to eat less. With platter, people also tend to eat more. Through the Japanese way of eating in small amounts, you can find your way to losing weight.
  • Tea time. Instead of binging on coffee for caffeine, the Japanese go for their green tea. Green tea is said to help in lowering cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure, and even help in boosting the immune system. It also slows down aging and is said to prevent cancer.