FOODPICK Promos for Everybody

Who would not want a discount from Choi city, Gustavian, Ipars, Handuraw, or any other great restaurants here in Cebu? No gift certificates, no VIP tickets, and no special-occasion giveaways. Just text FOLLOW and send to 09173108200 or 09226113119 and receive special promos or discounts from different restaurants under Foodpick. Here in FoodPick, we want our customers to receive the best offers! That is why we’ve created this easy and convenient way to give resto followers these interesting and great value promotions.

CEBU Restaurants SMS Searching
Now this is a great opportunity to taste some of Cebu’s finest restaurant without worrying about spending too much. Tell your friends about this promo and enjoy Foodpick’s SMS promo feature.

So what are you waiting for, grab your phones and text now! This service is available for all types of phones so everyone can get the chance to win promos.