Power foods: Getting Stronger with Foods

When it comes to the variations of foods that we eat every day, there are always good foods, bad foods and power foods. Basically, the majority already knows how to determine good food from the bad. However, when it comes to power foods, some people may find it harder to distinguish good food from power food. In this article, we will focus more on the kind of food that is not only do good for our body but it also makes us stronger.

1.Brown Rice – What makes brown rice better than refined rice is that all it nutrients, fibers and essential minerals are still present. The fiber contents decrease digestion, which provides a consistent source of energy. It also contains essential amino acids, which helps develop muscles by stimulating hormones responsible for growth.

2. Spinach – Remember how this vegetable help Popeye defeat his enemies? Spinach is a good source of antioxidant that helps protect cells from cancer. However, what makes this vegetable a super food is it is high in glutamine, which is an amino acid that helps increase muscle mass and normalize our body’s metabolism.

3. Walnuts – are one of the most popular sources of good fats or also known as omega 3. Good fats are an excellent source of good calories plus it helps increase the muscle building ability of the body.

4. Tea – Best taken during routine workouts. Tea is considered natural fat burners because of its ability to increase the body’s metabolism in burning fat. Other benefits of tea include anticancer and immune system booster.

5. Watermelon – What makes watermelon a top food for working out is its ability to hydrates and replenishes the body. It is easily absorbed by the body, which injects the body with good calories for faster muscle recovery.

6. Low Fat milk – A good dose of protein will further improve muscle growth and repair. Milk contains whey and casein, which are high quality protein for building muscle. It also contains anabolic factors, which hastens muscle growth as well.

7. Organic lean beef – Beef are best taken for a complete dose of fats, proteins, and testosterone, which helps build strong muscles. Beef are best taken as a side dish during meals.