Healthy Desserts You Won’t Regret

We all love desserts. This is probably one of the things that a lot of people indulge in, even if it has too much sugar.

  •     Parfait. You can make your own or buy one from your dessert store. Since it comes with some fresh fruit slices, you’ll have nutrients and vitamins with every serving. You can also make your own by layering fresh fruit slices, like strawberries, pineapple, and raspberry, over fat-free whipped topping. You can also sprinkle cocoa or cinnamon to taste.
  •     S’mores. We all want it some more. This can be a healthy snack if you opt for dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. You can crack grahams into halves and top it with marshmallows. Place every cracker to the baking pan and broil in the oven. Wait until the marshmallows turns golden brown, then take them out. Drizzle melted dark chocolate into every graham and enjoy.
  •    No-guilt ice cream sandwich. Make your own guilt-free ice cream sandwich at home. Just put non-fat whipped topping between two graham crackers and freeze. Take it out when it’s already firm and you can start munching. It won’t have the fat and the sugar that you can get from the usual ice cream sandwiches.
  •     Yogurt. This is one of the healthy snacks and desserts available. The plain Greek yogurt is good for those who are trying to lose weight. This is also full of probiotics that can help in improving  the digestive system. You can easily grab yogurt from the local groceries. You can also add some fruit slices to add flavor and more nutrients to your dessert.
  •     Oatmeal cookies. You can make your own cookies at home without being unhealthy. Just opt for oatmeal and skip the sugar, butter and eggs. You can use bananas, cinnamon, apple sauce, and almond milk instead. You can also choose to add dried fruits and raisins for more texture and taste. It’s healthier!

If you feel like having something sweet for your meal, you can just prepare these desserts and you won’t be feel guilty about giving in to your sweet cravings. You don’t necessarily have to stop eating sweets, you just need to choose what’s right.

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